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Flat River Central High School

Class of 1976

 Chris LaBruyere



I live in Farmington, actually Hurryville.  I work
for Fox C-6 School District in Arnold, MO.  I am the assistant to the
Technology Coordinator for the District.  I am married to Debbie LaBruyere
(Kennedy) a 1978 Central Graduate.  I have one Daughter (Candi) and two step
sons (Kyle & Corey).  My daughter is a freshman at MAC and plays basketball.
My step sons, Kyle a senior and Corey a sophomore go to Central.  They both
Wrestle, the oldest plays baseball and the youngest still plays football.
My wife works in the Farmington Industrial Park for Mosler Inc.
  I was in the Marine Corps for about 5 years after High School and then
went to work for NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake (Houston)
TX.  I then worked for a company named Perkin-Elmer.  P-E was a private
computer company that worked with big industry, hospitals and the
government.  I then moved back to Missouri and worked at the Farmington
Prison for about 7 years.  Then we tried our own business (D-Little Deli) in
Park Hills for awhile.  Sold the business and got back into the computer
field.  Worked for MAOS in Park Hills for about a year and now work for Fox.
That's about it in a nutshell.