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Solar X-ray activity

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The Hidden Agenda

Was Jack the Ripper a Masonic Conspiracy?

In the late summer and fall of 1888, a series of murders occurred, in the East London town of Whitechapel. According to one BBC program on the subject, the Jack the Ripper killings were part of a Masonic conspiracy to hush up some blackmailing prostitutes. The Duke of Clarence had supposedly fathered a child with a woman named Alice Crook.
Some say a wedding had taken place between Crook and the Duke, and was witnessed by prostitute Mary Jane Kelly.

Kelly along with 3 others planned to blackmail the Royals in return for keeping quiet about about the union. The unfortunate Elizabeth Stride, was brought into the following events due to misidentification,because she was using the last name of a common-law husband also named Kelly.
According to the BBC program, Royal surgeon and Freemason Sir William Gull, an artist named Sickert, and a driver named John Nettly,hatched a plot to do away with the blackmailers. They chose to do this with ritualistic killings, similar to some executions in Masonic lore.

The story goes like this: After the murder of King Solomon's chief stone mason Hiram Habif, by three men known as "The Juwes", Solomon ordered them put to death by double slitting of the throat, followed by evisceration, with the internal organs thrown over their shoulders.
This is the way that most of the Ripper victims were killed.

After victims 3 and 4 were killed, the Ripper used a piece of an apron from victim 4 to wipe off his knife. The cloth was covered with blood and fecal material, and placed in a passageway near Goulston St. Written on the wall above the cloth was the following message.
"The Juwes are the men, who will not be blamed for nothing."
The message was cleaned from the wall, before the sun came up and it could be photographed.
Because it was near a Jewish neighborhood and police feared a riot would break out with angry citizens attacking the Jews.

Looking at the times and dates (as close as possible from information from the police reports) the data was entered into the computer program Redshift 3, with the results shown below.

For information on how the data obtained connects with the History of Egypt and Hyperdimensional Physics, please go to
The Enterprise Mission and read the research done by Richard C. Hoagland.

Victim 1
Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols
Was killed in Whitechapel  at Buck's Row on 8-31-1888 at around 2AM.
Below is how the sky looked at that time.

Victim 2
Annie Chapman
 "Dark Annie" was killed 09-08-1888 at 05:45AM at 29 Hanbury Street in Whitechapel at around 5:45 AM
Below is how the sky looked at that time.

The Sun was also coming up when Chapman was killed.

Victims 3 & 4
Elizabeth "Long Liz" Stride and Catherine Eddowes
A double event, that occurred 9-30-1888, the first at 12:45AM just at the end of a dark passage just off Berner Street., the second at 01:15AM at Mitre Square.
Below is how the sky looked at that time.

Victim 5
Mary Jane Kelly
This murder occurred on 11-09-1888 in Room 13, Miller's Court .
It happened in the early hours, around 03:00AM.
Below is how the sky looked at that time.

Space Images and background made by me using RedShift 3.