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Updated 02-17-99

What is going on here?

By Eric Martin

Confirmation Special

In the last 20 min of NBC's Confirmation special, was a segment on a northeast Ohio ( in Trumbull County) police departments' run-in with 3 UFO's. A skeptic stated they were chasing the planet Mercury. On the below Redshift 3 image of that night, it is clearly shown Mercury was too close to the sun to have been seen, and the only planet visable was Saturn. The nearly full moon was also visible. So now what Mr. Skeptic.

Mars Polar Lander Launch

The usual NASA/Egyptian Connection, at Houston Texas.


Clinton Egyptian Connection?

Yesterday following the House impeachment of President Clinton, he and some of his supporters gathered on the White House lawn for a press conference to show support for the president.

In the sky were some interesting corolatons.

Is this a plea for help from the ancient Egyptian gods?


Shuttle lands at the Cape in a rare night time landing. It had the usual Egyptian religious connection.


Arizona Landing and Other Odd Things

Recently, a large bit of interest has been going on with the "signal" from EQ Pegasi, how it relates to the military, what is the government doing on (or Inside) Turret Peak in Arizona,why people who were on Turret Peak became sick after their visit there, how it relates to Electro-magnetic pulses being picked up in relation to H.A.A.R.P. activity, how it relates to the International Space Station (I.S.i.S.) and NASA with their history of Ancient Egyptian religion in relationship to launches; landings; and space activities, and finally the relationship of the Radar Rings currently being picked up all over the nation near military installations.

We'll start with the EQ Pegasi signal which began in late October,1998, originally thought picked up and dismissed in September by SETI. A John Doe going by the name of "Paul Dore" sat up a web site at explaining the origins and confirmations of the signal, and days later, the site was taken down.

An E-mail from the John Doe later stated he had been visited by Government agents, who told him he had violated a national security issue, and must remove his site. This e-mail was later determined to be a coded message by Richard Hoagland, which related to a landing on Turret Peak, AZ on 12-07-98. This landing (known to Richard for months),was obscured by a freak snowstorm in AZ the likes of which hadn't been seen in years. The AZ highway patrol closed off sections of roads leading to Turret Peak, further causing speculation of Black Agency envolvements.

Radar loops and ground observers in the area showed that the peak itself, was unaffected by the storm, showing a ring around the area on radar images, and the observers stated there was blue sky over the peak itself. They also reported rythmic thumping, and warmer than normal temperatures in the area. Some reported illness after their visit.

Electro-Magnetic pulses were also picked up in the general vacinity. Could the illness have been caused by microwave radiation emmision (in conjunction with the EMP's) in the area? This would help explain the higher temperatures, the lack of snow (evaporation?), the illness of the observers (literally being cooked on the inside), and the (radar?) rings being picked up on sites over the area.Was H.A.A.R.P. involved in all this? The government denies any activity of this type.

The Saturday before this happened, NASA launched a SWAS satellite from Vandenberg AFB.

The probe launch, as shown above, fits the NASA/Egyptian protocol, with Orion being 19.5 degrees below the horizon. At the same time, the International Space station construction had begun. It also had the same Egyptian protocols as other NASA projects.

The release of the Station also provided some interesting corolations with the above protocols,at the Viking 1 shrine on Mars.The position of Jupiter is in question here, because of it's moon Europa. Does the movie 2010 ring a bell? The images are shown below.

Has the ISiS really been powered down, or is it providing a home for whatever arrived on Dec 7th? If not a home, could it be serving as a way-station for visitors or cargo? Has anyone been left behind on it to observe tests of the infamous Radar Rings, or does it contain a space based weapon? If these rings are protective blisters over military installations, what are they protecting against?

That's all for now, but stay tuned for updates.




Space Images and background made by me using Red Shift 3.